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Birthing Strong Prenatal Education Course

The purpose of this course is to provide you with information and education regarding birth whether you are in a hospital setting, a birthing center or home birth so you can make the best and most informed decisions for you and your family. These decisions will not be fear-based, but you will complete the program feeling encouraged, empowered, confident and, most of all, READY! 
So what should I expect? 
For starters: This course is jam-packed with 12+ hours of birth education, videos, and some homework that will help you and your partner prep for your birth. My favorite part is the Birth Options Sheet. This is an 11 page document that my friends - chiros, doulas, midwife, physical therapist, trainer - and I put together years ago. It includes:
  • A space to write all important papers and documents upon arriving to the birth center
  • What to do if you have a home birth
  • What to do when you first get to the hospital
  • What happens to your baby as soon as they're born and common procedures they go through (like administering the vit K shot, Erythromycin for their eyes, etc.)
  • If you have to be induced, what are your options (ex. Cytotech, Cervadil, pitocin)
  • Why you're normally administered pitocin after birth
  • How the placenta is birthed
  • What happens at an episiotomy
  • What happens if the "vacuum" doesn't work
  • Whether or not you want to bathe baby right away (and benefits of holding off)
  • And so much more!! 
This is a printable document that basically takes care of a lot of the thinking and decision-making BEFORE heading to the birth and, I've been told, it brings mamas-to-be and their partners a lot of peace knowing these options ahead of time and letting the staff and your birth team know these preferences ahead of time too. Now, this is not the same as having an "expectations" sheet. "Expectations" imply that circumstances MUST go a certain way in order for babies to be born and that any deviation will mean failure. Well, this is unrealistic because we all know that babies still like to come the way babies like to come, which is on their time! However, having preferences ensures that mom feels heard, that she experiences informed consent, receives choices and is consulted with according to her birth. In my experience, I have found that having choices and preferences allows for a more desirable and satisfactory birth. This leads to less trauma and more empowerment. And who doesn't want to feel empowered at their birth?!
You can do this mama and we can help.